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Welcome to our forum page. To browse the forums, select your forum or category from the right panel. Please read the about page, if you want to know how to use the forum.

PS-1) In Meta forum we will try to solve issues we have dealing with this PHORUM environment. Questions like “How to write math?” or “How to include images?” will be dealt with in this forum. I have the admin account (rown) so I will try to fix the issues for you. But if you learn to do it yourselves you will save me some time.

PS-2) To make your own forum or social network like this one, get a domain and a hosting, install WordPress, and then BuddyPress and bbPress plugins. You are all set. All these are free (libre) software. BuddyPress with its plugins can turn into a fully featured social network. Actually, if you want to be a software developer, a WordPress community might be your choice. One well-known community is automattic which is contributed a good share to WordPress.

let's talk physics, math, …

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