Hey there. Welcome. This is a forum environment, hosted on rown.org. I am Roshan Tourani and will be the moderator here. Two accounts rown and Roshan are me. rown is the admin.

There are students who are silent in the classrooms, also our time is so limited there. So we extend our classroom to this online forum.

Powered by BuddyPress, we have a small social network here. I know I could use other platforms, but I do not wanna push you to use those platforms which store or sell your data and do surveillance on you. So let’s have our own corner to hang out. I might add chat, private messaging, and more social network features here, but for now let’s focus on being a good forum.

You will get bonus points in a subject if you are active on the related forum. I might get into a discussion and threw couple of hints if I happen to know the answer, but my main role here is to be the moderator (the one who picks up the beer cups when the party finishes).

How does it work?

  1. [registration] To participate you need to register after getting an invitation. Ask me or your friends to send you an invitation. Simply send me an email and tell me you want to use the forum. I will send an invitation link to your email address. If I am your TA, chances are you already got an invitation. This invitation system is to prevent spams.
  2. [anonymity] Unlike other social networks, you are not pushed to reveal your identity. You can use your real name or any alias. If you want to get bonus points for your activity here, you will have to reveal your identity to me. If you decided to send me an anonymous email and ask for invitation, please provide some info so that I know I am dealing with a real person. If your privacy is important to you, you might consider using Tor.
  3. [ethics] Please follow these guidelines,
    + Do open a topic (aka thread) in the related forum, to ask your questions or start your related discussions.
    + Do check if a similar question is already asked before posting a new topic.
    + Don’t be afraid to ask more challenging or less related questions.
    + When opening a new topic, you have to show that you have done your part of the work. Concisely show that you have thought about it, maybe you got some results that doesn’t make sense to you, et cetera. Do not just copy homework problems here. This way, you are asking someone else to put more time on your problem than you did.
    + Respect others in general. For example, show your work, spell your words, go straight to the point, don’t use words that might upset or push others away, and do not be off-topic.
    + Please do not register more than two accounts. If you need to have an extra account to be anonymous with one and be yourself  with the other, feel free to do so. But our resource is limited, so try not to go over two accounts.

let's talk physics, math, …

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